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Misconceptions And Course Corrections: A Collection Of Critical Essays for Our Times

Misconceptions and Course Corrections: A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times

“This book is disruptive, transformational and inspiring. It challenges even the most awakened reader.” – Richard Davis, MD, Florida

Civilization as we know it is about to change. This is your wake-up call! A shift in awareness and action for a better life and a better world.

We live in an age where deception and betrayal are the standard modus operandi. A raised understanding is needed to the realization that a major paradigm shift is under way and that we have been living in a web of deceitful lies designed to entrap us and move us away from truth as we march blindly like useless idiots down the road to serfdom. We are entering the next stage of what may be a prolonged period of time in human history that will make the dark ages look like a picnic in the park. Many will turn a blind eye and deaf ear. What can you do? What will you do for yourself, for posterity? Challenging and controversial; this is your wake-up call!

Misconceptions and Course Corrections will not only challenge even the most awakened but will also provide insights and benefits such as…


  1. What is the new global agenda? Who is behind this? How will this affect me?

  2. Understanding the “Shadow Government,” the thrust for reduced population, robotic control over society, and the means being employed right now towards attaining this change of civilization

  3. Knowledge of who is behind the mayhem and chaos that is consuming the world and how the structures and systems work that are perpetuating this insanity

  4. Understanding and mastering “time” – how to get the most pleasure out of life

  5. Discovering and unleashing the “true you” and all your spiritual powers and innate abilities

  6. Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic; “problem-reaction-solution” as a key tool for deciphering truth from lies concerning many local, regional, and global events

  7. Raising important questions about religion and its role in society

  8. God-religion-spirituality and you

  9. Exposing the media machine

  10. Coming to terms with the global shift of power

  11. Understanding money and the debt based monetary system

  12. Medical industry and big Pharma – a fraud at best?

The challenges we all face are enormous but the scales are tipping, and new leaders from amongst us will emerge in the hour of need. This is our time; we have a chance. The time for action is now. You are nothing more than an accomplice should you stand by idly as the culture and planet decline rapidly into a very, very unpleasant condition. With this book, it is my hope that we begin to come to realize these misconceptions and begin the much-needed course corrections, both personally and collectively. Peace and love shine brightly in the light. Let’s brighten this light all around the world while there is still a chance to do so.

“Misconceptions and Course Corrections, A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times” by transformational author John Michael Chambers – 37 chapters. 282 pages. 67,000+ words. 300+ links, resources, and action items. Learn moree. Kindle download here for just $10.00 or subscribe for a FREE PDF copy of the book below.

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