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Many still choose to be critical of Trump. People reach out to me, looking for ways to help them rebut such attacks as they are challenged on some of these issues and events. Some challenge me directly as well. People who in my view, mean well, but take the path at knocking President Trump for issues such as Venezuela, the declassification (why has it taken so long), and some of the neocon “deep staters” the President is often surrounded by. Then there is China, N. Korea, 5G, censorship, locking up Hillary, toxic vaccinations, and many other events of the day. Well for starters, I ask you, what have you done today to help resurrect America? Critics are a dime a dozen, as are Monday morning quarterbacks.

Get with the program. There are scores of excellent alternative sources for news provided here in this article and the videos and links within. Go check them out. Change the channel. Take a look at this since the Fake News will not report on it. Our President is accomplishing so much. Unprecedented in modern history. Thank you sir. Promises Kept.

If you are serious about helping to win this battle, seek truth. Spread truth. Expose lies. I can assure you, if you need some help at breaking free from controlled thought, breaking free from the matrix, read this post and the articles and videos within. And furthermore, if you are looking for ammunition to help direct others, share this post and encourage them to look at all that has been provided within.

Regurgitating Robots – The Robotic Hypnotic Flock

We hear the same regurgitating talking points day in and day out. Too bad much of them are not even in the vicinity of truth. This is an intel war right here, right now in 2019 as we engage in fighting America’s second revolution.

There is a reason that CNN’s ratings and viewership have cratered. According to Brent Bozell, and many other sources, there is an estimated number of less than 800,000 viewers and a population of over 320,000 million in the US, watching CNN. More people are watching pasta boil on the food channel than listening to the BS that CNN and others dish out. They have been exposed. It’s Fake News my friends, Fake News. As for Fox News, we have a bit of a voice there, but Fox should not be the core source if one wants to get to the news behind the news. Change the channel. Create an arsenal of alternative sources in your quest for truth. I will provide here some links to other articles and video clips of the subject at hand along with an offer for you to receive your free digital e-book, “How to Detect Truth from Lies in the age of Fake News”. This digital e-book is loaded with alternative links for you to explore in your quest for true news.

Facebook is under a Federal investigation. Google and Twitter have been hauled into hearings taking heat from Ted Cruz. We will be hearing more and more about antitrust laws and breaking up monopolies. President Trump has been tweeting about this as well as discussing this at the recent rally in Panama City Beach, Florida just the other night. It’s a long haul, but perhaps down the line we may restore free and fair press. In the meantime, its a citizen’s journalist world. We are the news. The sources mentioned in the videos and articles below may prove to be most helpful. Hannity, Tucker, Pirro, Levin, Rush and others are good. But controlled. DIg deeper for the news behind the news. I encourage you to watch excerpted videos below of my recent public talks on the subject at hand. Be on the right side of history. Then share it. WWG1WGA

News Behind the News

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