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Paradigm Shift Of Consciousness

Paradigm Shift of Consciousness

Massive confusion and chaos is here as we are midst a paradigm shift of consciousness as the forces of good and evil face off.

“There is a vast spiritual awakening in progress in our world. Quietly and soulfully many are returning to the truth of who they are seeing the futility of the world’s egos today. If you surrender to this call from within, it may lead to a deep questioning of “the way we do things”. There will surely be moments of loneliness, where you feel that you no longer belong, as the world tries to pull you back into its worn out paradigms; but if you stay in peace and follow the call, your soul will begin to see the truth in a deeper way; the remembrance of perfection, your own and that of others. This truth is the only freedom there really is and its power is beyond anything the world can offer. It is your power. It can move mountains. It can heal you. It can heal the world.”- Sheri Lane

My dear brothers and sisters, this is a culture in decline, a planet in peril with disaster at the doorstep as the blissfully ignorant go along as though it were business as usual, when it’s not business as usual, I can assure you of this. We have all come to realize that we do not have world peace but rather a world in pieces. We must all create our piece of peace.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” – Socrates.

We must move towards the creation of a world where we all win. A re-designing of the culture and systems that manages and deals with our survival as a species and the planet itself is the direction we must be heading in. We must evaluate what we are doing and make the necessary course corrections not only on a personal spiritual level, but collectively if we are to sustain life and the planet itself.

New systems to provide plenty of clean air, water and food, real food to all people not just for some. To move away from harmful methods, to harness energy such as fossil fuels and move towards solar, wind, and hydropower. This may or may not be the solution, but I strongly urge you to view the links on this post as we must begin to re-think and lend our support to creating a world that works.

We need to move away from a debt-based monetary economy and towards a resource-based economy or some combination of the two (minus the debt). The point is, the technology is here. The ingenuity is here. The experience to learn from is behind us.

Sadly, we must come to near total destruction of freedom and life itself before we can pick up and start anew. But we can, we will, and we must. And again, if this seems like a tall order that’s a bit too much to bear, simply change your own world and the world around you in your circles of life as outlined in these chapters. This can easily be done if we make the conscious effort to change our habits, think for ourselves, and pledge allegiance to nothing more than the truth and love and peace for our brothers and sisters and for our planet. This we can and must do.

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