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Pedophilia the Achilles Heel of the Deep State

Pedophilia the Achilles Heel of the Deep State

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

Pedophilia the Achilles Heel of the Deep State. Why? Well outside of those who are under the clutches of Satan as well as a segment of the lunatic left, nobody approves of children being used for sex, trafficking, or being sacrificed and killed. You see Democrats, most liberals, Republicans and conservatives alike, are outraged about pedophilia and abusive sexual assaults. On this subject we are united and this drives the enemy insane as the standard divide and conquer strategy does not work well in this arena. This is an entry point for the take down. Thus President Trump’s bill HR1865 was passed into law which will grant powers to facilitate the tracking of these offenders as well as measures to prevent such acts. This law most famously shut down sections of both Craigslist and Backpage but in fact accomplishes much more than this.

I began, writing about pedophilia first in my book “Trump and the Resurrection of America“, then in blog posts, and on social media, speaking of pedophilia before Pizzagate / Pedogate become broadly known. As I would travel about the country speaking before groups, I began mentioning the subject of pedophilia and most people were curious as to why. I simply said, because pedophilia is the Achilles Heel of the Deep State and it is through pedophilia that we can begin to make an impact against the enemies of freedom. Let’s connect the dots.

Anthony Bourdain

This brings us to Anthony Bourdain. Was this really a suicide? Now let me say right here, right now that I did very much enjoy his work and considered him to be an effective and creative writer and producer. I disagree with his politics and Bourdain’s slam against our great President Donald Trump. Yes, he had the “bad boy image” but according to the research I have just begun, seems as though he was waking up and preparing to use his influence to expose the deep states agenda and swing his weight in support of president Trump, like Kanye and Kardashian for example. Are you aware of his recent discussions with Elon Musk? You should be. Do the research you can begin here. Listen to this clip and perhaps you too will begin to ask questions.

Have you looked into Bourdain’s tweets regarding Hillary’s goons coming after him weeks before his death? The evidence of recent discussions including an 11 minute recorded video clip soon to be released by Alex Jones, sheds a whole new light on this. Could it have been a suicide? Yeah, sure. I for one doubt it. Guess what? We will never know. Same as in who pulled the trigger(s) that ended the life of JFK, or the timely death of Justice Scalia and many others for that matter. Or who hit the denotation buttons that brought down the twin towers. Learn about False Flags. I think you get the point. Sexual assaults and pedophilia of course are two different things but it is this shakedown (some of the accused are justified – some are sabotaged), that is occurring and will continue to be a trend for some time to come.

Connecting the Dots – Hollywood

You think these things you see unfolding before you over the past year or so right up to and including Anthony Bourdain’s death are merely coincidences? I don’t and here’s why. There is a much longer list of names and incidents but I will touch on a few. We begin with once child actor, Corey Feldman speaking to Barbara Walters on The View back in 2013. Nothing was done then during the error of Obama as Hollywood covers for themselves (well up until the Trump era). Then we hear about Kevin Spacey and his years of pedophilia activity (funny how that story went away so fast and the false narrative of Russia dominates still until this day). There have been scores of others in Hollywood that have since come forward with regards to pedophilia, rape and sexual abuses of not only women but also of children, both boys and girls. The big one to be taken down and now taken in, is of course Harvey Weinstein. This is a huge door opener. Then there is Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly and many others. So we have pedophilia and sexual abuses to adults by adults as a new and increasing trend dominating the news. If you never heard of Bohemian Grove, well now is the time to look into this as well. The plot seriously thickens.

Connecting the Dots – Washington

You follow Donald Trump? Here is what Trump had to say about Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island trips. Pedophile Island and Lolita Express? You mean you don’t know? Well start here then do your research. We have recently come to learn that our elected officials have been using our tax dollars to pay off their sexual accusers and their legal expenses. This did not work well for disgraced Denny Hastert. Funny how both Bill and Hillary have thus far escaped the wrath that is due upon them for each of their sexual misconduct which indicates to be rape, pedophilia and serious demonic practices against children. Pedogate has even reached main stream media as even Dr. Phil has covered this. We have all come to learn about Pizzagate’s satanic global pedophile ring that centers around Washington DC. Wikileaks has also shared files on this as well. John Podesta has been exposed in part from sexual deviant congressman Weiner’s laptop. PizzaGate – DNC Pedophile Ring exposed by Podesta’s Emails – Obama, Clinton’s, Andrew Kline. Watch this clip. But there is good news.

Great Awakening

I stated this back in 2009 that I felt we may soon be entering into a great awakening. I wrote about this in my book “Misconceptions and Course Corrections” back in 2015. This perhaps began in 2012 and certainly has escalated immeasurably with the arrival of Donald Trump on the scene as a candidate and now as president.

This great awakening explains at least for me, why more and more people are questioning things and better yet expressing their views and support of what they too have discovered as disruptive uncomfortable truths and at great risk not only to their careers but risk of being financially ruined, smeared reputations or becoming the victim of yet another celebrity “suicide”. People like Kayne West, Kim Kardashian, Candice Owens and scores of others and of others yet to come forward. Yes, these leftist perhaps thuggery Hollywood types may not have a good track record behind them, I get it. But I am concerned about now and what is before us. I for one am lending praise and support to these types at least on the issues they are coming forward with that are supportive of freedom and of president Trump. Too bad Anthony Bourdain and his immense popularity from both the left and the right, is no longer here to join the bandwagon of truth revealers, RIP.

People all over the world are beginning to awaken. People are rightfully and wisely becoming truth seekers and then truth revealers. Soon, once the probes and investigations by this administration under the leadership of our brilliant, powerful and influential president progress, we shall have the long anticipated grand juries, indictments, trials and military tribunals that Americans and people all over the world deserve. Many say this will never happen. I say it will. Why? It’s either us or them and Trump is not in DC to play business as usual. And we are on God’s side.

The individuals responsible for these crimes against humanity, felonies and treasonous acts will come to light. In fact they are. I have written about this in what I call “The Scale of Discovery And Action” which I will highlight as it’s own article on this website very soon. They will be tried and justice will be served. This will be on display for all the world to see. Sort of like the OJ trial on steroids. Stay tuned its coming sooner than you may think. If they prevent these trials by a significant False Flag, then Martial Law may be the only recourse we may have. Some think I am crazy, so be it. I have a pretty good track record over the years. I will continue to assert my will into my life and into this world. I will do this with courage and I will do this with love.


I believe we have entered a phase that may last who knows maybe 1,000 years. Evil is being exposed. And those perpetrating this evil against mankind are now on the run. This is different. Trump is an existential threat to the ruling elite and the “evil doers” of this world. Unprecedented. Support him. Trust him until he proves untrustworthy. He is (and must) play 3 D Chess. Hang in there.

There will be a sort of golden age ushered in down the line. We may not be here to celebrate this great victory but we are the ones here today to help make this happen. It truly is for posterity. This also means for the rest of our days, we will be confronted by this evil insanity who think they are playing God and replacing mankind with AI. And this will bring about more wars, more deaths, more restrictions, more division and more unbearable calamity. But in the end they lose.

Wow! What an amazing time to be alive! And do not fear. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear, don’t go there, that’s where they want you.  Become proactive and surround yourself with like minded individuals and groups that understand the times in which we live and become active. Do your part. So,  “what can I do” is often asked of me. Well for starters never cease seeking the truth. But once discovered, share it. Some desire to become politically active. Then do it. I will be posting an activists guide to help groups and individuals to become a troop for Trump in this fight for not only the resurrection of our country but for humanity. And for those of us of faith, pray. When your children and grandchildren ask you – “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust upon America and the world”, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to us. Stay safe and God bless.

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