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PollMole Challenges Rigged System

Trump? Clinton? Let your vote count! What is PollMole? PollMole is a highly disruptive, transformative, social networking connectivity technology that allows people to annonymously share their opinions in real time. This is a breakthrough social networking app and mobile connectivity tool. Once you come to understand PollMole, you will come to realize that PollMole will change everything! Although Pollmole has a total of four core competencies, PollMole release 1.0 is indeed disruptive technology that challenges the rigged election system detecting and deterring election fraud. PollMole challenges the rigged system.

PollMole Four Core Competencies

PollMole is the next generation in interactivity, connectivity, and accuracy in polling and market research technology. PollMole is a patent-pending, high-tech platform that has the ability to interactively retrieve, analyze, process, archive, and share opinions, and other forms of complex information, from among an almost unlimited number of people, simultaneously, in real time, 24/7 and translates this into actionable information to provide extremely accurate, science-based solutions to optimize decision-making. The four core competencies are Release 1.0 Political Polling, Release 2.0 Public Opinion Survey, Release 3.0 Market Research and Release 4.0 Targeted Marketing. Let’s take a snapshot view of PM Release 1.0

PollMole Challenges Rigged System

PollMole release 1.0 is a political polling usage of this app. This free downloadable app is an unbiased, fully-transparent, interactive, polling engine, designed to provide graphic displays of presidential preference votes from tens of millions of people in real-time, 24/7 from all 180,000 precincts across the country. PollMole is a quantum leap forward from traditional polling methods that: a) collect and analyze information from at most a few thousand people gathered from “select precincts among several battleground states” and b) then reports those results sometime afterward. Think through this. You can now see why and how it is that PollMole will in fact change everything.

Your Vote Is Counted

The app is free and can be downloaded from Google PlayTM or soon to be available AppStoreTM. Signup is simple. Users enter basic demographic information; then are transferred to the voting screen where they can select from one of six Presidential choices, (i.e., Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Klein, Other or Undecided). Each person’s vote is registered anonymously in the Company’s proprietary Cloud-computing system, without any traceable personal information. Once the vote is tallied, a push notification that includes a date-time stamp is re-transmitted back to the user’s smart device within nanoseconds so that they can be assured that their vote was counted, and counted accurately.

Had Enough Yet?

PollMole is the people’s poll detecting and deterring election fraud forever. We are patriots who love our county. As election day approaches, all Americans from all points of view should want to make sure that our voices are heard and that our votes count. PollMole is the “People’s Poll.” It is a bold, daring, and disruptive technology, that flies in the face of “conventional wisdom.” It  expect will be met with intense skepticism, controversy, and opposition by those powerful people who recognize that it is an existential threat to the status quo, and who will do anything to maintain their power and control over information that should be freely available to us all.

Free And Fair Elections

Who doesn’t want free and fair elections? We shall soon find out. Become familiar with PollMole by visiting the company’s website and social media platform. An informative post and interview with the founder of PollMole can be accessed here by clicking on this link. With just 33 days to go to election day, the PollMole Release 1.0 will make a difference. Let your vote be counted.

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