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PollMole Electoral Process Integrity

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin. Elections are rigged.  Don‘t believe me? Read this! It’s a rigged system. Voter fraud and election theft has been going on for a long time. One thing we know with certainty is the ruling elite establishment does not want a Trump Presidency. But regardless of who your candidate of choice is, we the people need our voice to be heard and our vote to be counted, (once not twice). Haven’t we shed enough blood across this world to help other nations establish a Democracy with free and fair elections? Well it’s high time we have free and fair elections here in America. And the good news is that time has come and perhaps at the most critical and pivotal time in our nations history. PollMole will change everything. PollMole Restores Transparency To The Electoral Process.

PollMole Electoral Process Integrity

We have become a bitter and divided nation. This will change. Many of us have flocked to social media to express our discontent for the state of affairs affecting each and every one of us. The problem is venting, preaching to the choir, writing your congressman and even voting has made no difference and never will. This will change. What we need is to restore the power to the people. For without this America does not exist as was intended and we had better wake up and realize that we have already lost this once great nation. We had better realize that we are not living in the land of the free. Those days are long gone. You might as well replace the words “We the people” with “We the ruling elite”. In addition to venting, preaching to the choir and writing to our congressmen, we now can restore the power to the people. PollMole is people power.

PollMole In The News

Just last night on Infowars, the Alex Jones show, Roger Stone (Author, political strategist and long time friend of Donald Trump), expressed his support for PollMole. This can be found here at the 1:51:34 mark. This is an important endorsement coming from Roger Stone for anyone who knows of Roger Stone and his work.

The founder and CEO of PollMole Dr. Richard Davis, MD, was recently interviewed on the John B. Wells ARK Midnight show. Listen to this important interview here. Below is an outline and timeline of this very informative interview. Come to learn about PollMole and be sure to download your free app soon. PollMole will change everything. Listen to this interview and share this post. Once PollMole is released and available our voice will be heard and we can help to make America great again.

9:22: Introduction – Founder and CEO, Dr. Richard Davis, MD

23:00: Introducing PollMole

39:00: Dr. Davis advice to Hillary Clinton

42:35: PollMole and the 2016 Election

51:10: PollMole The Next Facebook?

1:00:46: Vote Your Conscience

1:08:02: How Polls are Rigged

1:12:55: What is Skimming?

121: 35: Google vs. PollMole

122:55:  PollMole Release Date

1:24:50: Integrity and the Vote Count

1:26:00: Funding PollMole

1:28:00: The Soros Gene – A Must Listen To Conclusion


You can learn more about PollMole by visiting the PolloMole website. Pollmole can also be found on Facebook. Watch for daily updates on my blog site about PollMole and the election contest between Donald J. Trump and whomever it is that the DNC props up to challenge Trump. We cannot and must not allow this election to be stolen. Everything, I mean everything is at stake. This one is for “all the marbles”. Share this post!

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