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Pollmole Last Line Defense Election Integrity

Voter fraud and election theft has been going on for a very long time and perhaps even more so today. Who is guilty? Well both parties are guilty. We see reports where dead people are voting. Recently absentee ballots were seen being shredded into a wastebasket. There is gerrymandering taking place as yet another method. Or one person has voted multiple times. In the Tampa bay area, there are sworn affidavits which have been collected indicating that votes were changed in local elections. Not to mention the onslaught of illegal aliens voting. There are many other instances of fraud. But perhaps the most telling and most disturbing one of all is the fact the the Dieblod voting machines are hackable and rigged. Then there is the process known as “Skimmimg“. Pollmole Last Line Defense Election Integrity.


What is skimming?

  1. A very sophisticated method of Election Fraud

  2. The most common way to “steal” an election

  3. Manipulate pre-election polls to project a “close race”

  4. Design the polls to have a wide “margin of error”

  5. Wide margins rig the system against any effective legal challenge

  6. Manipulate the vote to make sure the race is close

  7. Fit the Official vote to hide within the black hole i.e., margin of error

  8. Skimming is hard to detect, and almost impossible to prove

  9. Honest campaigns can only win in real landslides of 10% or more; unless a scientific polling technology could be deployed that generates cost-effective, statistically-robust results with very small margin of error

Pollmole Last Line Defense Election Integrity

Everyone, regardless of their candidate of choice be it Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or others, wants their voice to be heard and their vote to be counted, not twice but once, not shredded and not changed. After all haven’t we shed enough blood helping other nations to secure fair and free elections in their countries? Well it’s high time we have that here in America. And that time has now come.

Pollmole Release 1.0 is a political polling app and is the only way to accurately detect and deter voter fraud. Consider this. With all of the above methods of vote manipulation and with the skimming process defined above, it is most difficult if not impossible to detect just where the fraud has taken place. Placing people at exit polls at a few thousand precincts is ineffective (if not ridiculous) at best. You see with 20 Million Pollmole members casting their votes in the straw and exit polls from all 180,000 precincts, what you have is essentially 20 million electronic affidavits that can be presented to election committees and that would have standing in courts of law. This is factual hard evidence. This is unprecedented. The ability for Pollmole to detect the fraud may be enough evidence to successfully contest and reverse a decision. This is historic and this will change everything.

Download PollMole’s Political Polling App

It’s really very simple. Download the free app today. Cast your anonymous vote each week in the Pollmole straw polls and then the exit polls. You can learn more about Pollmole by visiting Pollmole’s website and following PollMole on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As Election Day approaches, all Americans from all points of view should want to make sure that our voices are heard and that our votes count. The only way that happens is to ensure that every vote gets counted. Pollmole is the last line of defense for election integrity and its high time we have this. Remember freedom is up to us. Download your free app and cast your vote today. Share this post.

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