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PollMole's Affidavits Trump's Last Line Of Defense

With the rigging of elections is PollMole Trump’s last line of defense? It may very well be. The powers that be in the global shadow government have been hard at work for a very long time. A Trump Presidency is a major set back for the ruling elite globalists. It is important to understand the enemies of Donald Trump. Considering there is a good chance that Hillary Clinton and many others will face justice in a Trump administration, it is highly likely that the election is rigged and the fix is already in. There is something you can do. PollMole’s afffidavits Trump’s last line of defense. This may very well be the most important election related post you have ever read. There is a simple yet powerful call to action message for you at the conclusion of this most informative and important post.

Rigged Elections

Can U.S elections be stolen? Yes! I have written about the subject of voter fraud and election theft and have provided the links to these posts below but let me summarize this as the election is but one day away. We will begin with straw polls and Skimming. This short video clip covers the rigging.

Straw Polls And Skimming

With the skewed and ineffective straw polling taking place the expectation has been set for a close election. A close election? Nothing could be further from the truth. Click on the related links below to learn why this statement is true.


The GEMS resident software has been installed on virtually all central server voting machines deployed in the US, that can easily steal the election with extreme precision and is undetected. This is also known as black box voting. There is some evidence that this technology was used by Hillary to steal her primary from Senator Sanders. The GEMS software has now been placed under the control of an advanced Artificial Intelligence system, that can continuously manipulate the “Official Vote” tally nationwide in nanoseconds, right down to the precinct level without detection. This system will have been specifically designed and purpose-built to be the perfect tool – leaving no evidence behind, in order to commit the perfect crime.

WikiLeaks has provided credible evidence that the pre-election Presidential polls are being rigged as well, in order to set the expectation for a Clinton victory. Meanwhile Clinton and Kaine are cancelling rallies due to little to no attendance as Trump continues to fill arenas across the nation with thousands more lined up outside unable to get in. Enough said.

Edison Research Group

What is the Edison Research Group? This group conducts the exit poll results on election day. They provide the data under an exclusive contract to the “National Election Pool” (a cartel of 6 huge media conglomerates: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC and AP). Edison is owned by the same 6 cartel members. How cozy and convenient. And with the GEMS manipulation capabilities in place and, if the AI is activated, Trump’s “Official Loss” is all but certain. Time will tell, I hope I am wrong.

Contesting The Election Results

Let’s hope and pray that this election is not rigged and stolen from Trump and the people but all signs indicate that it is. Donald Trump has already signaled that he may not concede this election should Hillary Clinton be declared the victor. Trump has made it very clear that the system is rigged. So much so that it is the trending subject an narrative across the globe. The problem is with this sophisticated rigging system it is virtually impossible to detect just where the fraud has taken place. With lack of sufficient evidence it is unlikely that Mr. Trump will have standing in court making it nearly impossible to conduct a recount, over turn the results, or call for a new election.

PollMole’s Affidavits Trump’s Last Line Of Defense

The Electronic Affidavit

Yes that’s right the electronic affidavit. Should this election be contested PollMole is in fact the last line of defense. You see as discussed above and in previous links provided in this post, we can see that without an electronic affidavit the chances are greatly reduced for a victory in a contested election. With PollMole’s app. when you cast your exit poll vote, your vote becomes an electronic affidavit thus providing standing in the courts. We can restore the power to the people and reclaim our Constitutional rights to a fair, free, and transparent election as intended by the Founding Fathers. This will also eliminate the MSM information cartels credibility. You see with say 50 million electronic affidavits, we may not only gain standing in the courts but we will over throw the skewed bias media talking points. 50 million qualifying electronic affidavits is a far cry from a handful of red shirt exit pollers or counting chads. With PollMole, we the people can make history. Wont you join us?

Call To Action

  1. It’s really very simple. Understand that election rigging is real and that the fix is in. You can do this by reading through the various links within this blog post

  2. Become familiar with PollMole by viewing these pages, FAQ and Media. Then download your free app today and cast your exit poll vote on or after November 8th

  3. Share this blog post with everyone you know and all over social media

  4. Got questions? Contact me directly or contact PollMole.

Think About This

When your children and grandchildren ask you – “What were you doing when the global governance and police state were being introduced to America and the world?” What will you answer be? Freedom…It’ up to U.S.! Make the right choice for America on November 8th. Be prepared for a possible contest. And make your vote count! The course of civilization depends on how you cast your vote.

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