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PollMole Technology Ensures Free Fair Elections

PollMole Release 1.0 is new technology. PollMole ensures free and fair elections. I have written about voter fraud and election theft in numerous previous posts. This post titled Rigged System Election Theft addresses this long term serious problem as well as this post titled Secret Vote Count and the Rigged Elections.  And like the late comedian George Carlin said, we have the illusion that we have a say in the outcome when in fact we don’t. Watch this short clip here (strong language). And remember…“Those that cast the votes decide nothing. Those that count the votes decide everything” – Stalin.

New Technology Ensures Free Fair Elections

The following was taken from the Press Release dated October 8, 2016. “PollMole has the ability to generate statistical margins of error that approach zero, making our predicative power close to 100%. Our series of 4 Weekly Presidential Straw Polls will run through Sunday November 6th. Our goal is to have at least 20 million people signed up to vote in PollMole’s nationwide Exit Poll by Election day on November 8th. With this sample size, PollMole will be able to conduct the largest, most accurate and statistically robust, exit poll in history. Even more exciting is that our system is designed to capture data from voters in all 180,000 precincts displayed in real- time – right in our hands. PollMole will project the winner each week as soon as one candidate accumulates the required 270 Electoral College votes based on our proprietary Big Data analytics software. On Election Day, we believe that PollMole’s Exit Poll will enable us to make this prediction with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy, and certainly hours ahead of any other polling organization in the world.” Visit PollMoles website and change the course of history.”

Stop What You Are Doing Right Now – And Do This!

Have you downloaded your PollMole app yet? It’s fast and easy. Download your app today and become part of the growing PollMole on-line community. Share this post on your social media accounts. The clock is ticking. Have questions? Click here.

As Election Day approaches, all Americans from all points of view should want to make sure that our voices are heard and that our votes count. The only way that happens is to ensure that every vote gets counted. PollMole is a convergence of new technologies has made the elusive dream of ensuring free, fair and transparent elections a reality. Download your app. Vote and share this information with others. And remember…”Freedom It’s Up To U.S.”

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