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Propaganda Hyperbole Regurgitations Facts

So what’s this propaganda hyperbole regurgitations facts all about? Well its about deciphering truth from some varying degrees of untruths. It’s breaking the entrained patterns that many of us operate from at varying degrees. It’s about waking up from the dark spell many of us are unknowingly influenced by. It is a tool to help us to come together and have intelligent, respectable dialogue on matters of significant importance before the election. The consequences of continuing on as we do are nothing short of catastrophic for us all.

Propaganda Hyperbole Regurgitations Facts

Facts? What a concept! Take Donald Trump for example. He stated he is a messenger and he is our voice. What Trump has done is shine a light – a very bright light on the fact that the majority of mainstream media is not only biased, bought and controlled but often times out right liars. They operate off of the agendas and talking points dished out by those of whom they serve. Make no mistake about it this happens on both the left and the right as most all serve the same ruling elite globalists agenda. Very simple to understand right? So Back to Donald Trump. The next time someone calls Trump a racist, a rapist, a homophobe, womanizer etc. or anything else they throw at you simply ask for the supportive facts. They more than likely on many counts cannot and will not be produced. If you make any headway, simply change the narrative. Ask questions like how important is safety for you? How about how important is it for you to have a good paying job? You get the idea? Then show them this most important link and you have changed the argumentative exhausting and useless time wasting narrative.

You see propaganda and hyperbole is like a cancer to the non-free thinking, non-truth seeking individual. Regurgitations left unaddressed spreads like wildfire and thus the regurgitations. No facts, no research, nothing. Simply regurgitations. Well I for one have had it. Now many people are really sort of a lost cause – well for them…move on don’t waste your breath. But there is still a segment of the population where progress can be made. Talk to women. Talk to those of the LGBTQ community. Talk to the disenfranchised totally screwed and betrayed Bernie Sanders supporters. Talk to the blacks and show them the film Hillary’s America. After seeing this film, they will understand the Democratic party and they will understand Hillary Clinton and how they have been used and played for decades, WTF up!

I believe the only way that Donald Trump does not become the next President of the United States is if the election is stolen via voter and election fraud / theft, the invocation of Martial Law, or the assassination of Donald J. Trump (God for bid). A series of posts will begin covering election / voter fraud / theft and perhaps some groundbreaking information to prevent the Clinton camp and its cronies from stealing this election from not only Donald Trump but from the overwhelming majority of people in this country that clearly support him. Please go through some of these related links and share this blog post on your social media accounts. Time is short.

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