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Rise And Shine Of Gold

Rise And Shine Of Gold

Is now the time to invest in gold? Gold has risen from approximately 1069.00 to 1193.00 thus far in 2016 and gold has now reached a one year high. The spot price of gold has risen nearly 18 percent in 2016 following three years of losses. So is this the beginning of the next bull market run? Or will this be another false run only to retract once again? So why the rise and shine in gold as of recent?

Lack of confidence is what is driving the rise in precious metals. There are many dangers and warning signs such as the European banking crisis as well as the U.S. banking derivatives disaster in the making. There is a global market meltdown and a ticking time bomb in bonds now underway and it seems that gold has a reverse correlation to stocks so as stocks continue to decline we may see further increasing rises in gold.

Why is gold and silver a good investment? How is the best way to buy it? What is the difference between paper gold shares and actual physical gold bars and coins? What are semi-numismatics? Where and how to best store your physical metals?

These and many other important questions need to be addressed before one goes out and stocks up on gold and silver and I will begin a series of blog posts covering precious metals in great detail as there is much to know. I will say this right now that this is not the time to be liquidating any physical tangible gold or silver bars or coins. To be continued. Meanwhile tic-tock-tic-tock. USA debt clock.

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