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Setting the Stage for the Next Global Reserve Currency

Setting the Stage for the Next Global Reserve Currency

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

Don’t pass up reading this short article. It is the biggest story there is. Some of us have heard this phrase “global financial reset” for many years now while others, for the first time, are beginning to hear this. Why? Because it is coming soon. So what is meant by the global financial reset? In short, the global financial reset will replace the current system of how the US and the world exchange for goods and services and not only for international trade. This also applies to us when we buy food, gas, pay our bills, invest etc. You see the US has been the world’s reserve currency since the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944. Well this is now, soon, coming to an end. The US dollar will soon cease to be THE world reserve currency and will be replaced by a new system. Thank God Trump is in DC during such a time as this. Beyond the trending news stories of the day is an even bigger story, Setting the Stage for the Next Global Reserve Currency.

Federal Reserve and Federal Express

The gig is up. The for profit banking cartel, (the Federal Reserve), has run it’s course. The Federal Reserve is now well exposed for who they are and for what they have done. The Federal Reserve is no more a government agency than Federal Express. One might consider the inception of the Federal Reserve to be “The Great Coupe of 1913”, and indeed it was, as the US Constitution states that only congress shall have the power to regulate the value and issuance of our currency. This was given away to the for profit bankers, via legislation signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, who later in his memoirs, regretted this decision. If you are not familiar with what I am talking about it’s high time to get up to speed. The authoritative book on this subject is “The Creature from Jekyll Island“, by the legendary author, film producer and researcher, G. Edward Griffin. In the meantime this link may serve as a quick read shortcut for you.


The IMF is to it’s participating members as the Federal Reserve is to the the United States. The IMF provides support and SDR backing to certain members, (US, Japan, Russia, China, the EU etc.). SDR’s, or “special drawing rights” are a “privilege” ( a debt to banks), and China was granted access almost two years ago. So these select nations are granted SDR’s to provide funding as well as stability and confidence in a country and its currency. The Federal Reserve today is the largest purchaser of the US treasuries which is in essence, a debt to the Federal Reserve by the US. So you can see how the IMF and the Federal Reserve in some aspects provide the same “service”.

There are scores and scores of articles available and videos on YouTube and many are posted on a regular basis on a Facebook page I formed called The Economic Institute. There are many people who are following the global financial reset you may want to look into this. People like Jim Rickards, Jim Willie and many others. Read more about President Trump’s weak dollar policy and this insightful post titled Trump’s Economic Capitalism and the Coming Collapse Blame it on Trump. And FYI don’t let these two links have you for one second believe that I am not a supporter of these policies. I am, 100% Read on.

Indications of the Global Reset

Global sentiment against the US Dollar is rising. This has been going on for quite some time now but is accelerating rapidly today. Pay no attention to the relatively recent surge in the US Dollar as everything is about to to change.

There are many pieces on the global chess board being moved. We are entering a rapidly increasing economic warfare battle with nations. In my view, the long term deep state op, North Korea, has just been liberated from the clutches of the deep state (more on this view in another article) and is preparing to come aboard with Trump and the new plan. Global support for Trump is on the rise. There are the tariffs, currency devaluations, trade deficits and Trump’s tax overhaul to create incentives to bring manufacturing back to America. There is De-regulation, thus paving the way for energy exploration and distribution and much more. This brings us to gold. Gold? Yes gold. There are no longer any currencies including ours that have any tangible backing. It is no wonder that China is the world’s largest producer and purchaser of gold. And China is hoarding it. They do not sell it, they keep it. It is sort of a battle for supremacy to be a competing world reserve currency.

So with this global financial reset that is coming, watch gold as gold in essence becomes the “world reserve currency”. Russia too is dumping US treasuries and acquiring massive amounts of gold. President Trump discusses gold and the dollar in this Forbes magazine review. To increase demand for a stable currency and to prevent governments from printing willy-nilly via fiat currency, versus keeping currencies in check by a solid backing like gold, the battle rages on for currency supremacy. Who is the power being shifted and eventually taken away from? The Rothschild Central Banks, The IMF and the Federal Reserve. But not without a battle. Thus a world in chaos.


So the stage is being set for a global financial reset of sorts. Exactly how and when this plays out is anybody’s best guess. Could the dollar be backed by gold and a basket of commodities and the battle for the world reserve currency continues?  USA and perhaps China as two competing world reserve currencies of choice? Or will we move to a one world currency? Will, these events happen in stages? My guess is, it’s already being orchestrated behind the scenes (actually has been for about ten years). I would say this reset will occur as soon as October 2018 or sometime perhaps before the 2020 re-election of Donald Trump. But the first election of Donald Trump has thrown a wrench in the spinning spokes of the globalists wheel and thus expect turmoil and economic warfare for some time to come. But the old order, the Rothschild Central Bank -Federal Reserve etc,. system, which has seized control over money itself, has for the first time, a real formidable and present danger of being De-throaned. Hooray at last!

We know what happened to Lincoln with the Confederate money and the greenback. We know what happened to JFK with E.O. 11110, and we know that Regan took a bullet to redirect him back on track to the banksters money madness. So thank goodness President Trump has the key military protections and support as well as his own private security detail. And thank God as he provides, wisdom, courage, strength and protection for this president. But make no mistake, the global financial reset is “knock – knock – knockin’ on global’s door”. And soon, the word will change. And the global support that we will need will happen. It is happening. And as the hearings, probes, grand juries, indictments, trials and tribunals surface and escalate for all the world to see, we shall continue to see that the rats are on the run and so buckle down as they are going to escalate the madness against us and the president creating distractions, death, division and chaos. But in the end, they lose.The great awakening is taking place. We are now winning.Trump+Time = Winning.

The global financial reset is coming. What to do? Let your voice be heard at the ballot box. Get politically active in one way or another. Buy some gold and be on the right side of history. And pray for the safety of this president and this nation.

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