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Shadow Government

“Surviving Global Governance” is a book that I co-authored with Dr. Richard Davis and Kirk Elliott PhD in 2013. The following segment was written by my good friend Dr. Davis. If you would like a free digital copy of this book contact me here. A brief summary of the biography for Dr. Davis can be found here at the closing of the post. Now this from Dr. Richard Davis.

Governments are the biggest threat to mankind

In the last century, governments of the earth have killed over 250 MILLION innocent men, women and children. What was the crime of these slaughtered millions? They were simply either opposing or stating their opposition or were somehow perceived to be a threat by the governments that controlled them. This has been the history of governments throughout history. Worse yet, it appears that these shadow governments everywhere control people. They operate unseen, are above the law, and they have taken over each country. They can simply be called, The Cabal.

Shadow Government

Essentially there are two primary cabals operating on the planet today. They are the European illuminati and the second is the Asian white dragon society. Both of these groups have been skilled lineally–generations over thousands of years. If you look back over time you can see these generations of leadership that have been brought to the fore and they usurp total control over the world by the use of these shadow government structures that are dominated by these alpha predators that are psychopaths.

What is interesting is that each of these groups is worth hundreds of trillions of dollars. They just don’t have money issues like you and me. They don’t have to go to work and have a paycheck and pay bills. Their issue isn’t money. Their issue is power and control and they coordinate these activities behind the scenes through a rigid cartel structure dominated by secret societies like the Knights of Malta, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, etc. and they run these organizations through compartmentalization. You can check out the following for more information. Estulin, D. (2009). The Bilderburg Group. Trine Day. Monteith, S. (2009) Brotherhood of Darkness.

Consider the average member of a masonic lodge who is very generous and goes out of their way to help people, or a masonic lodge, or a Shriner through their benevolence have funded burn hospitals to help burn victims and sick children. The average member of these groups have no idea of the supra leadership of these groups that sit above the organization. The unseen leader uses these groups to obtain information and manipulate the population.

Then there are Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foundations, trans-national conglomerates and Fortune 500 corporations that interlock their directorships. It is estimated that 6,000 people control the entire planetary output (approximately 97% of global GDP). Go one step down,and about 39% of the worlds wealth is controlled by the top 1% wealthiest people in the world. This is incredible to think about. Six thousand people control our financial system and too big to fail banks.

Both groups are armed with some incredible other worldly technologies and are engaged in an extraordinary power struggle. We are eating genetically modified foods8, there is aerial spraying of chem-trails in our skies, they are modifying the weather, they are fluorinating our water that destroys brain cells and causes many different types of cancer and lowers an individual’s IQ by an average of twenty points. We are seeing environmental destruction, pharmaceutical run-off, and an introduction of viruses in vaccines. This will be continued in another post.

The Process

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