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Signs The Global Financial Reset Has Begun

The reset has already begun and once implemented will have a profound impact on each and every one of us, here and across the globe. I have written about the Global Financial Reset before and have provided links to these and related articles at the bottom of this post. We will see in this post, the Signs The Global Financial Reset Has Begun. This content below in this post was contributed by my good friend Dr. Kirk Elliott, PhD, ThD


Dr. Kirk Elliott, PhD, ThD

I recently read an article by market analysts Jim Willie.  He is a brilliant analyst, and I wanted to pull out a few things from his research that stood out to me in regards to a global financial reset.  I went back to the source documents behind some of his projections and I concur with his analysis.  Links to the source documents are provided below.

After and economic recession/depression DEBT IS ALWAYS REDUCED.  In the US, the recession of 2009 did not eliminate debt, in fact the opposite—IT EXPLODED not just in the US but globally.  In fact, debt has been exploding since then and REAL GDP has been CONTRACTING by -2 to -4% a year in real terms according to John Williams of Shadow Stats.

CIPS (Cross Border Interbank Payment System (started Oct 2015),but is now gaining much momentum.  Now commands $6-$8 TRILLION portfolio of funded projects.  This is designed to replace the SWIFT system in the eastern hemisphere.

 MARCH 2018 the Chinese rolled out a new gold-backed yuan oil contract next month aspart of its attempt to replace the US dollar’s dominance of that commodity trade.  This could spell the end of the petro dollar trade.  This built in demand for the US$ is pretty much all the demand there is for it.  In time, the dollar sinks, and an alternative petro-dollar HAS ALREADY BEEN FORMED—no need to even speculate.

BRICS 2.0.  By this time everyone is aware of the BRICS nations and the coalition to form a strength based union to counteract thewest.  BRICS 2.0 is that movement on steroids.  Gold is one of the last commodities controlled by the west (NY and LONDON exchanges).  This initiative will co-align the BRICS nations to replace that as well.  This ismy opinion is not a bad thing, as London has allowed naked shorts on futures contracts of metals for a long time, thus limiting the growth through manipulation.  People who own gold and continue to acquire it should benefit AMAZINGLY as a true market will be established without the manufactured suppression of prices. Sadly, for us as Americans, this one is on us.  Our regulators allowed the manipulation to happen, and people seek truth and transparency. This is another nail in the coffin of US financial dominance.


According to market analyst Jim Willie, he has categorized upcoming triggers that would indicate that a global financial reset will be here before any of us could possibly imagine.  Look out for any of these events:



  1. Deutsche Bank failure, talk of restructure, with rupture of derivative complex

  2. Italian banking system collapse, complete with numerous bank runs

  3. Italian sovereign currency announced as new Lira currency in EU exit

  4. London Metals Exchange launches RMB-based metals contracts

  5. COMEX & LBMA rupture from lost control of integration with oil & currencies

  6. Formal launch of Gold Trade Note atop the Shanghai G-O-R contracts

  7. Saudi oil sales in RMB to China, adopted by other Arabs and other Asians

  8. London flips East, with RMB Hub development, following their AII Bank membership


  1. Flourishing non-USD platforms, led by Chinese design and efforts

  2. Germans and French formally end Russian sanctions, thus flipping East

  3. CIPS bank transaction system gains wider adoption, even among Western nations

  4. BRICS Gold Platform announces conversion of sovereign bonds to Gold

  5. China pre-announces gold-backed Yuan in form of convertible Gold Trade Note

  6. China announced Yuan backed by basket of currencies, Gold, other commodities

  7. Introduction of a new IMF SDR basket that includes gold, crude oil, iron

  8. EU opens door to Euro payments in external trade with trading partners

  9. Emerging Markets rupture on debt defaults, due to currency crisis

  10. NATO fractures in the open and EU pursues independent military security

The time is now to prepare and safeguard your assets. Request a digital copy of the Global Financial Reset Report.

Closing Comments

John Michael Chambers

The Global Financial Reset is not some conspiracy theorists fantasy but rather a currency, monetary, financial and economic fact. It is one in a series of must occur events if we are to truly MAGA. There are many players involved in this great change. And with this change we shall see changes made to the Federal Reserve (finally) as well as the Rothschild World Banking Cartel and others. Dangerous indeed. But there is a plan.

Now we cannot prevent this great and perhaps long and painful transition from occurring but we can continue to remain informed. And like a category five hurricane coming into town, you just don’t operate business as usual. You plan and prepare to minimize the damage. There is a category five economic hurricane rapidly approaching. The time for such planning is now. You can survive and perhaps thrive.

 Dr. Elliott’s firm will be holding a series of live Roundtable Public Briefings in the state of Florida in 2019 of which I will be a co-presenter. Perhaps we will meet somewhere out there on the road. Please visit these informative articles linked below.

Stay informed subscribe to my YouTube channel for the weekly Global Financial Reset Update.


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