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Skimming Stealing The Election From Donald Trump Take Action Now

The primaries were rigged and votes were stolen from Bernie Sanders. What makes you think the election is not rigged against Donald Trump? The fix is in folks. As Donald Trump continues filling stadiums and arenas all across America (with thousands left standing outside), the election theft is well underway. The signs are very clear and the skimming process is hidden in full view. Skimming stealing the election from Donald Trump take action now is what this post will address. PollMole can detect and deter the voter fraud and election theft. This post will discuss this and provide important links along with an important podcast summary message of how this can be prevented.

Skimming Stealing The Election From Donald Trump Take Action Now

So what is Skimming?

  1. A very sophisticated method of Election Fraud

  2. The most common way to “steal” an election

  3. Manipulate pre-election polls to project a “close race”

  4. Design the polls to have a wide “margin of error”

  5. Wide margins rig the system against any effective legal challenge

  6. Manipulate the vote to make sure the race is close

  7. Fit the Official vote to hide within the black hole i.e., margin of error

  8. Skimming is hard to detect, and almost impossible to prove

  9. Honest campaigns can only win in real landslides of 10% or more; unless a scientific polling technology could be deployed that generates cost-effective, statistically-robust results with very small margin of error

So with typical polling you see often times a “select” group of people that are being polled. The amount of people being polled is typically 500-2000. Then with traditional polling you can expect a margin of error to be as high as 6%-10%. This is about as effective as polling steak eaters at a large steak house in one neighborhood or city and asking them if they prefer steak or seafood for dinner. This is the same method used in political polling. This type of polling is not representative of the electorate across the country.  And so the fix is in.

After the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton CNN released a Poll minutes after the debate having polled a select group of people totaling just 537 and the poll resulted in Hillary beating Trump 57% – 34% in that debate. CNN reported that 58% of those polled were democrats. Anyone who watched the debate, even Hillary supporters, knows that Trump slaughtered her in this debate. I rest my case. Skewed rigged polling, skimming the election. Now I am clearly a Donald Trump supporter but PollMole is not. PollMole is an apolitical calculator in its most simplistic terms. Regardless of who your candidate of choice is, PollMole is for everyone. I mean after all who does not want there vote counted? We all want free, fair and transparent elections.

PollMole Challenges The Rigged System

Pollmole is a break-through polling technology. A fusion of cutting edge, digital communications, encryption technology, social media marketing, with big data analytics and cares not who you vote for but merely records the number of votes in all 180,000 precincts, in real time all across the nation. This type of polling has a margin of error 0.02%-0.08% thus making it impossible to steal the election. Learn more about Pollmole by visiting the PollMole website. Should the exit polls not be reflective of realty come election day, Pollmole will have the evidence which can be presented to elections committees and courts of law which will detect just where the voter fraud took place. And this is why and how it is that PollMole will change everything!

Download Your FREE App Today – Vote in weekly straw polls: PollMole = People Power

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As Election Day approaches, all Americans from all points of view should want to make sure that our voices are heard and that our votes count. The only way that happens is to ensure that every vote gets counted. PollMole is a convergence of new technologies has made the elusive dream of ensuring free, fair and transparent elections a reality. Download your app. Vote and share this information with others. And remember…”Freedom It’s Up To U.S.”

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