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Storm Clouds Are Gathering

Storm Clouds are Gathering

Economic Financial Forecast: Category Five Economic Hurricane!

Weather can be forecasted these days with considerable accuracy. As storm clouds gather the technology is there to assist us with how the storm is developing in terms of its strength, direction and the level of anticipated devastation for anyone in the storms pathway. The good news is the warning signs are there in advance so one can take precautionary measures to get out of harms way before it is too late. There are severe consequences should one ignore the warning signs. The warning signs are now here as the storm intensifies.

Much of the world realizes since the crash of 2008 that the global financial system, Wall Street, The London Exchange, The Banking System, IMF, etc. has never really recovered at all, in fact things are significantly and dangerously worse today then they were back then. So much so that I will now dedicate an ongoing series of posts to the global economic meltdown that is on the horizon as well as the global financial reset that is being ushered in as the power centers are shifting from the west to the east. We will keep a close watch on the global markets, oil, real estate, the credit bubble, the Chinese Yuan and the U.S. dollar as the U.S. dollars days as the world reserve currency are coming to an end. I will also define and talk about the global derivatives bubble (estimated in the quadrillions) that is about to burst as well as the top five banks with hundreds of trillions of dollars of exposure to these markets. Negative interest rates and banking bail-ins have already begun. We will cover the plans that are well in motion towards a cashless society. There is much more to cover on this very important topic and I will do so on a regular basis because I believe we are getting close to a global meltdown.

So what does this mean to the average Joe on the street? Are things really that bad? One must ask important questions such as what type of impact will all of this have on me? What happens to my purchasing power when the dollar loses its luster? How do I protect my assets from inflation, taxation, asset forfeiture and confiscation, market erosion (both stock and bond). What impact will all of this have on my pension, social security, and what about my healthcare and annuity contracts? Should I own gold and silver? How to buy it? What not to buy? What about storage options? Internationalization?

The wrong thing to do is nothing. And once again this is not the time to be a flippant eternal optimist nor a doom and gloom pessimist frozen with fear like a deer in the headlights.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, all the signs are there for an economic category five hurricane. We simply cannot just hope it does not happen or wish it away. It’s coming. In fact the outer bands of this storm have been wreaking havoc since 2008 but cleverly concealed from an unsuspecting public. But unlike a hurricane, when it hits, it will happen without final warning like a tsunami or earthquake. Right now is the warning sign period.

Stay informed. I will be covering this subject in an ongoing series of posts here at as well as providing options and resources to consider to help protect and preserve your assets and life. One must get out of the system as soon as possible. Indecision or wrong decision may change the course of the rest of your life. Take it seriously and whenever you do listen to CNBC, Bloomberg and other such bought and paid for financial media outlets, listen with a grain of salt as they too are part of the problem and the system. Storm clouds are gathering and it is going to be a very, very tumultuous storm at that. Batten down the hatches, stay informed and take action. And please don’t shoot me, I am only the messenger.

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