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The Devil's Radio


Devils Radio – George Harrison

Gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip. I heard it in the night, words that thoughtless speak. Like vultures swooping down below on the devil’s radio. I hear it through the day airwaves gettin’ filled. With gossip broadcast to and fro on the devil’s radio. Oh yeah, gossip Gossip, oh yeah

He’s in the clubs and bars and never turns it down. Talking about what he don’t know on the devil’s radio He’s in your TV set, won’t give it a rest. That soul betraying so and so, the devil’s radio. Gossip, gossip Gossip, gossip (Oh yeah) gossip, (gossip) oh yeah (Gossip) oh yeah, (oh yeah) gossip.

It’s white and black like industrial waste, pollution of the highest degree. You wonder why I don’t hang out much, I wonder how you can’t see. He’s in the films and songs and on all your magazines. It’s everywhere that you may go the devil’s radio. Oh yeah, gossip Gossip, oh yeah. Runs thick and fast, no one really sees, quite what bad it can do as it shapes you into something cold like an Eskimo igloo.

It’s all across our lives, like a weed it’s spread ’till nothing else has space to grow the devil’s radio. Can creep up in the dark, make us hide behind shades. And buzzing like a dynamo the devil’s radio. (Gossip) oh yeah, (gossip) oh yeah (Gossip) gossip, (gossip) gossip Oh yeah, gossip I heard you on the secret wireless Gossip, oh yeah You know the devil’s radio, child Gossip, gossip Gossip, gossip.

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