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The End of the End

At the End of the End

At the end of the end, as we shuffle off this Earth, it matters not how much money you have, or any of your worldly possessions. What will matter most is how you treated people along the way and the quality of richness in your life’s relationships. I cover this and other related topics in my book Misconceptions and Course Corrections. Were people better off having known you? Did you have a positive impact on the lives of others? These things matter most. What did you contribute to life and living? Be kind to one another.

If we all applied the simple statement of being kind to one another, we would, of course, transform the world and the way in which we live. Again, we may not be able to change the world overnight but we can certainly change the world around us, our circle’s influence, and our intimate circles of life. And we can do this right now, today. So what are you waiting for?

Kindness is like a solvent. Being kind can calm the fear, anger, frustration, despair, or whatever the case may be. It can defuse a crisis or prevent a potential nightmare of sorts. It introduces calmness into any situation. Being kind makes people feel good. Who doesn’t want to feel good? It’s courageous to be kind, especially when the circumstance before you is most challenging. Kindness is contagious, therefore it also invites an act of kindness in return.

Remember, to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world. Be kind to one another. Never forget how fragile we really are, especially in times like these. It’s cool to be kind.

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