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The Flame

While living at an elevation in excess of 8,000 feet with a population of approximately 900 people, high country South West Colorado, I wrote this song titled “The Flame”. The best way that I can describe the meaning of the this song begins with first defining some of the terms within. A rough demo was recorded and can be listened to by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.

“I AM” And The Flame

The terms “I AM” and “The Flame” for me personally, have specific meaning. When Moses came upon the burning bush when asked “who shall I say sent me my Lord”, the response was “I AM” that “I AM”, “I AM” sent you. “I AM” representing the almighty one, God, the supreme being, the light, love and power of this universe. It has been said that these words yield much power so one is to be cognizant of what is spoken after the words “I AM”. “The Flame” for me signifies the burning bush or “The One”. The flame is pure. The flame cleanses. The flame dissolves the discord that we create and that surrounds us. Thus (from the song), “I call to that flame and it enfolds me here, Almighty “I AM”.

Based upon the works of a group called the “Saint Germain Foundation,” which aligns with the “Law of Attraction”, I may invoke the words “I AM” prior to a decree of what I am asking for in my life. The words “I AM” signifies the energy source and force and invokes all the powers of the creator of this universe. And so, when you invoke and preface your decrees, the “ask” part of what you desire in life, I often times may preface it with “I AM” like in this example…“Beloved Mighty, “I AM” presence, see that I have increasing, improving, and continuing good health” or “I AM” the purest of light’s energy and as part of my soul’s expression “I AM” awakening, “I AM” inspiring, and “I AM” motivating those I connect with to be in the light and to be an expression of their souls.” Or “I AM” attracting only creative, positive, and productive ideas and thoughts in my life.”

Meaning Of The Song

1999-2000 was a very pivotal transitional period for me on a spiritual level, very creative time in my life. I moved to the high country. Soaked in hot mineral springs and spent time in vapor caves. I took daily walks in the mountains. I was alone. I read many books and I wrote many songs during this period of time. The songs had a common theme, that being freedom. With titles such as “We Are America”, “Save America“, “Fight For What’s Right“, “New World Order“, “The Golden Age”, “Message Of Love”, “The Flame” and many, many more, you can see the theme was freedom on many levels.

“The Flame” for me was a spiritual approach for cleansing myself. Forgiving myself for my past transgressions. Surrendering to that voice from within and learning to love myself and move forward in a more harmonious way creating a better life and a better world. So this song represents a part of that healing process if you will.

The Flame

Copyright © 1999 John M. Chambers

Be gone, from me, discordant misused energy. The past consumed. Gone for eternity. Knowing there’s nowhere else to place the blame. I call to that flame. And it enfolds me here. Almighty I AM. Almighty I AM. Almighty I AM. Yes I AM.

The love, the light, expanding all around me. Be still. In the silence I shall see that there is nowhere else to place the blame. I call to that flame. And it enfolds me here. Almighty I am. Almighty I am. Almighty I am. Yes I am, The One.

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