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The Great Awakening – Stay the Course

The Great Awakening – Stay the Course

It’s evil. It’s ugly. Perhaps difficult to confront. This image truly breaks my heart. This is what we are dealing with as Trump turns on the light in the darkness. Fear not. The pendulum does indeed swing in two directions as the paradigm shift of consciousness is now evident and expanding.

We are talking about the awareness of masses of individuals in the human race and the universe itself awakening. The great awakening is happening. Expect chaos and turmoil, dangers and confusion for some years to come as we begin to set humanity free from the clutches of evil. This is taking place and rather rapidly, but sadly against alternative destructive forces that have had a head start. And now with this mass awakening within the human spirit taking place, there is hope. My heart had been longing for leaders who stand for freedom to come forth to help bring out the best and the truth of the human spirit that we may live in love and peace together. President Trump has arrived and is now on the offense leading America’s second revolution. We are now embarking upon this path.

There is a spiritual awakening taking place, and it’s as though we are being helped. Very privately and soulfully, people around the world are gravitating to truth as they see the evildoers for who and what they are. We must surrender to this higher calling and continue seeking truth. We must see things as they truly are. This can be taxing and perhaps a lonely journey, feeling like a bit of an outcast to the norm as the false matrix and its minions try to pull us back into their dead and dying paradigm. But we must operate with integrity. We must stay the course, listening to that higher voice from within. This is grounding and brings a sense of peace and calm.

Love yourself. Find your voice. Become a true expression of who you really are. Shout it from the rooftops. Become comfortable and reminded of the perfection and abundance that exists for you and for others. Truth is powerful, and truth leads to freedom. Truth will set us free. You can help redirect mankind on this much-needed course correction. We all have this power, this innate ability. You can move mountains. You can influence others. Get with the program. There is a plan to save the world. In fact, we are the plan. President Trump is turning on the lights, one room at a time, from dark to light. Together we can save America. This is the great awakening. Stay the course.

Discovery and the Evolution of Change

Step One: Discovery and the Evolution of Change

Arriving at the truth. This is where one begins to question things as they are and begins to embark upon what can be an uncomfortable journey, as deceitful lies are revealed and truths come to light. This is where the change really begins, as one acquires a new operating basis as a free critical thinker and truth seeker. This is the first and most important grounding and empowering step.

Step Two: Motivation Through Inspiration

Seeing life in a new light. Once lies are revealed and truths are discovered, there is an inspiration within that is almost an auto-response mechanism. The motivation accelerates almost daily simply due to the fact the “light bulbs keep going off.” One now has acquired the ability to instantly see the game being played as the daily events unfold on the evening news, and one can now easily begin to connect the dots. This is re-energizing and prompts one to take action, moving from effect to cause, creating the desire to improve conditions in one’s life and perhaps in the world around us.

Step Three: Action and Commitment

Creating a better life and a better world. This step in the process of effect to causation in creating a better life and a better world requires action and ongoing commitment. Some aspire to improve conditions in their lives and their immediate circles, while others go beyond this with a burning desire to reset the track that mankind is on and lending support to various groups and efforts already successfully in motion. This is how we begin to restore hope toward creating a world of peace rather than a world in pieces. The wrong thing to do is nothing. Where in this three-step process are you? Where do you need to begin or focus your attention on most? Which step or steps do you need help with?


The second American revolution is a battle that is fought on many fronts and will be fought for many years to come. Some battles will be won, others will be lost, and along the way there are dangers to protect oneself from, as well as opportunities to take advantage of.

The challenges we all face are enormous, but the scales are tipping. This is our time; we have a chance. The time for action is now. You are nothing more than an accomplice should you stand by idly as the culture and planet decline rapidly into very unpleasant conditions. With this blog post, it is my hope that we realize these misconceptions and begin the much-needed course corrections, both personally and collectively. Become a truth seeker, then a truth revealer. Spread the word. Do not squander this opportunity in this brief breath of eternity, for eternity.

There are any insightful articles and links of valuable resources and data for you to explore here on my website Perhaps this is a good place to begin. May the force be with you.

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