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The Lights Of Freedom Are Dimming

The Lights of Freedom Are Dimming

People all over the world are beginning to realize that something is wrong, something about this world is not quite right. People are beginning to question things as they are. I believe a most helpful thing to do is to stop associating ourselves within defined categories. For example, liberal view, conservative view etc. Keep politics out of it altogether I mean after all its politics right?

Part of the trap is remaining in an unwavering way and supporting the agenda of an assigned category or belief system without ever actually looking at the consequences of any particular given circumstance. It is wise to actually look at any given issue for what it is and then do your own research from non-agenda, non-biased resources before coming to a conclusion about whatever the issue is. Best advice is instincts. Trust your instincts and let your intuitiveness be your guide. If something does not feel right it probably is not right. For example the morning in New York City on September 11, 2001 all issues that have come to divide us when it came to rescuing or helping people were set aside, automatically, instinctively. One did not stick to the hardcore positions that divide us like gay-straight, black-white, democrat-republican and so on. One did not choose who to help in a time of need. We went with our gut. We trusted our instincts and helped one another. Well we are on the eve of a crisis that dwarfs the single event of 911.

We really must become free critical thinkers in search of truth or we are nothing more than blindly led and controlled moronic servants. It’s time to unite against the real cause of the chaos that surrounds us instead of fighting amongst each other on a zillion different issues. We are running out of time and 2016 will be a critical year that may determine whether we live in a free society or a tyrannical new world. Find out where you are in the process. Get help if you need it. And get busy directing your energies in the right direction or all will be lost.

Although the lights of freedom are dimming in America, Europe, Canada and around the world, the tyrannical architects creating the mess in the world you see before you are being exposed and they are now fearful that they may lose control and therefore we have a chance, right here, right now. This is why we must set aside things that divide us. This is why we must unite as in the example of September 11, 2001 that I mentioned above and we must do what we can to see we are the victor so that the light of freedom, not for some but for all, shines brightly all over the world.

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