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The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole

[This blog post was written by my good friend and fellow voice for humanity Dr. Richard Davis, MD]

Let’s go down the rabbit hole a little more shall we. The only people interested in genocide are the psychopaths that are currently in control of the planet. This is 5-6% of the human population. They get the weak-simpletons to do their bidding. They are sociopaths. So you have about one fourth of the world working feverishly 24/7 to control or kill the rest of us. More information on this subject can be found here.

This did not used to be too big a problem with small little wars breaking out whenever some petty tyrant somewhere wanted more land or more slaves or more wives and ran amok until he was killed or overthrown by another tyrant with a bigger army. So it is with the history of our species and the Archonic infection. But that is another story for another day.

Who Are These People

The issue is who are these people? Are they “the Jews”. No. Actually they are Khazarians which are interlopers who pretend to be Jews but are not. Since 840AD they have used the Jews to hide in plain sight all the while slaughtering the real Jews or enslaving them over centuries and blaming everything on them as the global scapegoat for everything that is wrong with the world.

The problem today is that technology has surpassed the bloodlust of the tyrants. They have enough firepower to kill everyone on the planet several times over. So now we are in the “Great Game”. And we, the little people all over the planet, are the pawns one day, and cannon fodder the next day. Or their slaves the next day. Whatever happens to strike the fancy of the tyrant.

But tyrants have gotten smarter over the centuries. Now they hide from sight and rule the world in Shadow Governments running their web of chaos and destruction through willing puppets like Obama, Merkel, Clinton. etc. It is not Israel; it is not the US. It is not any identifiable government. It is the lunatics behind the government. They are the “hidden hand”. It is they who are our true enemies. It is they who poison our food, our air and our water. It is they who prey on us with tainted vaccines and rain toxic heavy metals down on us from the sky. It is they who build nuclear power plants on top of earthquake faults and in tsunami zones. It is they who are satanic pedophiles. It is they who murder. Rape and pillage without consequence. It is they who keep the most vital secrets of a nation on a private server in the bathroom with no firewall or security of any kind just to make a buck. Or maybe $100 billion bucks – whatever. The point is you must identify your enemy precisely and accurately. Do not allow your enemy to define them for you or you will always miss your mark.

In Closing

I have given you much to consider, much to doubt but actually more to learn. Read. Be wise. Be loving and tolerant and respectful. But when you meet someone who is filled with rage and religious fervor and exuding hate and has been given a license to kill you by their God, then you can either lay down, run, or stand and fight. The brave men and women of Israel are standing, not with bombs but with hope and a strong desire for a lasting peace with all of their neighbors. Their corrupt leaders commit atrocities in their name then get good people to focus their rage on the one group of people who are not at fault. So you keep missing the target over and over and over again. My final words: Learn, discover, and evolve, or stomp in the place of ignorance and integrate with the evil itself! Please listen to the three minute important commentary podcast below.

[Editor Note: Clinton is a demonic programmed, entrained, powerful puppet of the NWO.

Choose wisely this election for all shall be lost.]

America’s Last Stand

No Trump – No Hope

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