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The Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You Part II

The Things Your Doctor Won

This is the follow up to the previous post “The Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You (Part I)” as part of an ongoing series of blog posts. I encourage you to read each blog on this topic.

My good friend and fellow activist for humanity, Richard Davis, MD contributed a chapter in my new book titled “Misconceptions and Course Corrections – A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times”. This subject matter of maintaining our health is a high priority for each of us therefore I will post a series of blogs to cover this in further detail. This will be some very challenging reading for many of us as what you will discover will make you sick! This now from Dr Richard Davis.

“As I searched for answers it quickly became clear that traditional medicine did not have a clue. Or, more precisely, that the Medical Establishment (which is entirely different from the doctors and nurses who care for patients) does not want to have a clue. The “Healthcare System” is very comfortable with the status quo. It has been designed to be highly profitable just the way it is. The very subtle, but extremely powerful, message to doctors is: “It is unwise to ask too many questions or dig too deep. And whatever you do, don’t rock the boat.” In fact, doctors that do not heed this warning often end up with their practices raided, their equipment destroyed, their clinics burned, their licenses revoked, and some even go to prison for not following towing the party-line.”

“The sad truth is that the better your clinical outcomes, the more likely you are to get in trouble. And for God’s sake don’t start curing people, just treat them. This is the big Pharma model. In fact, the big Pharma companies have got such a stronghold on the “System,” it seems unlikely that much progress will be made until these dark cartels are forced to come clean and tell the truth about the pharmaceuticals they sell and these drugs’ intrinsic lack of safety and efficacy.” To be continued.

You can read the chapter in its entirety by ordering your copy of the book Misconceptions and Course Corrections – A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times”.

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