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These Times They Are Revealing

I have written on this subject of what one might call the Paradigm Shift of Consciousness, and I refer to it here in this blog post as it relates to the arrival of Donald Trump onto the global stage concerning his run for the Presidency and what one might call his attempts to save Western Civilization and redirect humanity back on a more harmonious and pro-survival course. These are defining days and these times they are revealing. Massive confusion and chaos is here as we are midst a paradigm shift of consciousness as the forces of good and evil face off. There is a vast spiritual awakening in progress all across the world. Quietly (and in some cases not so quietly) many are recognizing and returning to the truth of the world in which we live and are beginning to understand that we have all been played. The messenger and leader, Donald Trump is shinning the bright light and the rats are running for cover.

These Times They Are Revealing

It’s a defining moment in history and it is clear as day to see which side of humanity any given person is on. There is a great opportunity that we must seize. We can help people to see what is going on, not by regurgitating the spoon fed talking points and narratives as directed by the government media complex propaganda machine, which divides us rather than unites us, but by finding that common ground that most all of us share, freedom, survival, love and opportunity for the lives and future of our children, grandchildren and loved ones, posterity for the human race.

These are revealing and defining times. Yes they have successfully dumbed-down, misled, misinformed and brainwashed many Americans and people throughout the world. Yes they have imported tens of millions of illegal aliens who will vote for the government that promises all the handouts. Yes they have created class warfare with blacks vs. whites, Muslims vs. Christians and Jews. Rich vs. poor, Democrats vs. Republicans, gay vs. straight, Liberals vs. Conservatives and so on. Yes they feed the unsuspecting populace the narrative and talking points which are blindly regurgitated by the ignorant and the programmed. But we have this chance in this great paradigm shift of consciousness that is occurring and shifting the tides, to inspire people to look. To apply critical thinking. To focus on the broad and big picture that will effect the lives of us all for generations to come. Ask the person “what kind of world do you want to live in’ ? A totalitarian global government or a sovereign nation protecting God-given rights? Below are some helpful links with regards to the above call to action.

Free Book

Also subscribe here and I will send you a complimentary copy of my 2015 book “Misconceptions and Course Corrections – A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times”. This eye opening book may be a great tool to pass along to others in the effort to shift the pendulum from division to unity against the real merchants of chaos.

And on a more direct political note, pick up your copy of my latest Donald Trump book, “What One Man Can Do”. This book does not only challenge even the most awakened reader but it also can serve as a valuable reference guide and tool to awaken and inspire others that need your help coming aboard.

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