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Traits Of A Psychopath

“Surviving Global Governance” is a book that I co-authored with Dr. Richard Davis and Kirk Elliott PhD in 2013. The following segment was written by my good friend Dr. Davis. If you would like a free digital copy of this book contact me here. A brief summary of the biography for Dr. Davis can be found here at the closing of the post. Now this from Dr. Richard Davis.

Psychopaths are highly intelligent. They are witty, charming, and mesmerizing. They are disarming and are chameleons because they can take on any issue, any controversy, and can change themselves overnight without any difficulty whatsoever. But don’t be fooled! They seek absolute power and total control over everyone and everything at all costs. They are narcissistic, insecure, and cowardly. Lord Acton: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Typically, psychopaths are physically weak. They are brutal, ruthless, and violent. They are highly labile and aggressive, manipulative, power- mad, aggressive, bloodthirsty, war mongering, loud and flashy. They are almost always sexual deviants, and often pedophiles.

When putting all of this together, the most common trait is lack of conscience. They are not like you and me in any way. They are completely amoral. They do not recognize right or wrong and therefore they are able to ascend these pyramidal organization structures because they climb over everyone. All of us have seen this type of person manifesting this kind of behavior. We have all seen how good people are passed over by evil, wicked, and crazed people. It happens all the time! It’s probably the norm. They have no respect for life. They can be described as useless eaters..

Useless Eaters: Genocidal Marker in Nazi Germany (documentary)

To them we are just parasites, vermin, roaches and rats. After a century of trial and error these ruthless haters of mankind have gone underground. They are virtually unknown to most of us and they remain protected from the legal structures that they have established after centuries of work to maintain the tight control over humanity. And even worse yet, they have figured out how to organize themselves as the powers behind the throne. They are able to exercise this control over humanity and to use governmental structures as efficient means to be able to hide from both us, the populations that are being controlled and being dominated and being destroyed and kept in poverty and sent to war. This is how they dominate us by not allowing us to know who, where, or what they are.

The problem is that governments have historically been tyrannical and oppressive by nature because the people behind the governments are this way by their nature. They use fear, confusion, and military force to compel us, and all subjects, to be subservient to their will. In fact, it’s unarguable that the biggest threat to mankind is government. In the last century, governments of the earth have killed over 250 million innocent men, women and children. What was the crime of these slaughtered millions? They were simply either opposing or stating their opposition or were somehow perceived to be a threat by the governments that controlled them. This has been the history of governments throughout history. Worse yet, it appears that these shadow governments everywhere control people. They operate unseen, are above the law, and they have taken over each country. They can simply be called, The Cabal. This will be continued in another post.

The Process

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