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Transformation of the Global Monetary Central Banking System, R.I.P.

The global financial reset is unfolding according to plan. You won’t hear much about this on the financial news (just yet), so let’s connect the dots on but a few occurrences leading up to what may prove to be perhaps one of the biggest stories of the century as the transformation of the global monetary central banking fiat system is coming to an end, R.I.P. Actually rather than rest in peace, shall we say, R.I.H. (rest in heat)?

Connect the Dots

There have been many random events occurring now for quite some time as it relates to the global financial reset. For starters, Russia has sold off nearly all of its US treasuries. This  is very telling. What is even more telling about this event is what they did with the proceeds. They invested mainly in gold and some other currencies. China, once the largest purchaser of the US treasury notes has also been liquidating US treasuries over a period of some years. Today, the largest purchaser of the US treasury is the Federal Reserve.

If we are connecting the dots we must mention the recent meeting in Switzerland, Basel III. In essence, gold is becoming sort of a de-facto currency as central banks are beginning to acquire a substantial amount of gold. In 2017 in a GQ interview, Trump stated, “Bringing back the gold standard would be very hard to do, but boy, would it be wonderful. We’d have a standard on which to base our money.”  Articles like this in Forbes are yet another indicator of restoring sound money. In my opinion, gold will back the currency and perhaps other commodities. The dollar will reset, dropping in value to help offset the debt debacle. There may also be a forgiveness of debt, a sort of jubilee if you will. Time will tell. And this may even be just a step in a series of steps to follow. One thing for sure, the US dollar and the Bretton Woods Agreement has seen its day in the sun. This will soon come to an end. Please remember that there is nothing Federal about the Federal Reserve and there is no Reserve. The Federal Reserve is no more a government agency than Federal Express.

President Trump is not only transforming the 9th circuit courts and the Supreme Court, but he is also transforming the Federal Reserve board with two recent nominations, those being Herman Cain and Stephen Moore. It is important to note that both of these men are pro gold and understand the magnitude of the problem with our Central Banking fiat system. Meanwhile Federal Reserve Chairman Powell has done a 360 with regards to slowing down or holding off on raising rates through 2019. It appears that President Trump may have exerted a degree of control over the Fed when it comes to the recent decision by Powell. Trump has managed to get the Fed to cease the raising of rates for now and this will help keep markets in tact so that a collapse does not endanger the 2020 election. After the election (and perhaps before hand, time will tell), the thrust of the reset springs into fill force and there will be some carnage and pain until we see this through. One thing we can be on the lookout for is a battle of sorts playing out in 2019 and in 2020 between President Trump and the Fed.

Setting the Table

President Trump is three feet behind the heads of the economic swamp creatures heads as well as the fake news media. He will catch them all by surprise. The 3D chess maneuvers of the President that the astute observer has become accustom to, is telling us that the stage is being set. Trump is setting the table. He will continue to play within the rigged doomed systems and beat them at their own game. Meanwhile President Trump’s plan is in motion with regard to China and other world leaders. Now, with the biggest political scandal in US history and the treasonous, illegal take down and the failed coup d’ etat attempt behind the President, he can now accelerate and complete his negotiations with China, Russia and others. The stage is being set. Once re-elected in 2020, things accelerate. The positioning will be a such that the collapse that will hit, is to be blamed on the Fed. Accounts will be hemorrhaging. The President will then get the support he needs from the people and the Congress to audit the Fed. Check out HR 24 and HR 25. Ron Paul will be dancing in his PJ’s as the conclusion of the audits (which will go on for some time), will result in the end of the Fed and the fiat system. There is much more to this and I will be commenting on this in future articles for some time as this plays out.  Look for contributions to these articles from PHD economist Dr. Kirk Elliott.


Not only will the audits expose the Fed and the Central Banking system, but Gold too will prove just what it is this debt based fiat monetary system is worth and what it has really done to the people. They fear gold like a Vampire fears the light. Support this President. Vet and vote for candidates that will do the same. The reset will not happen without a collapse and correction of sorts. The President will do all he can to minimize the carnage.

And as to your investments? The time to begin repositioning assets is right now. I will do a dedicated series of articles on this specific subject as well. In the meantime you can request a free digital PDF report loaded with everything you need to know. Send a request to me for the Global Financial Reset report. I will send it to you. We are transitioning from the economic swamp creatures’ crippling Central Bank economy to the peoples economy. Thus restoring power to the people. It’s an amazing time to be alive. Buckle down and stay the course.

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