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Unmasking the Masks Agenda

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Unmasking the Masks Agenda

This is John Michael Chambers. The following is an article written by investigative journalist and author, James Grundvig. In the previous special report, we learned how the Architects of the Plandemic prepared the tools, they would use, to lock down society months in advance of the first novel virus cases arriving in Wuhan City hospitals. We see this unfolding on the streets in America today. In today’s special report, “unmasking the masks agenda”, we will address the four tools health officials peddle, in the name of containing the epidemic, and run the gamut of control and manipulation. Do you understand the manipulation that has occurred with the “flattening of the curve” narrative? “Contact tracing” – What is this? Do you really understand its ramifications on a free society? Did you know there is no scientific evidence that masks work? In fact it has been proven they are actually making people sick? What did John D. Rockefeller mean when he said “competition is a sin” and how does this relate to Covid 19? These and many other questions and issues of great concern will now be addressed in this special report submitted by investigative journalist, James Grundvig. We each have a responsibly to expose the lies and disseminate the truth. Please share this special report far and wide. The title of this special report is, “Unmasking the Masks Agenda”. And now the article by James Grundvig. James is also the author of “Master Manipulator -The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embelzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC” with an introduction written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Unmasking the Masks Agenda

The Architects of the Plandemic prepared the tools they would use to lock down society months in advance of the first novel virus cases arriving in Wuhan City hospitals. The Architects developed the tools to surveil and collect data; run a psyop to map and monitor public sentiment trends, connecting the dots to people’s networks. They did this behind our backs. They deployed the devices under the guise of protecting the public during the global outbreak, hiding their true nature or how they fit the long-term goal of total vaccine compliance.

The Architects designed the dual purpose tools to test boundaries, collect personal data, improve machine learning algorithms, and to iterate the next version of their artificial intelligence programs. The mission creep, under the code name COVID-19, seemed sincere at first. But as the lock downs slid beyond flattening the curve with the rule-makers implementing evermore absurd and arcane orders, many began to wake up to the micro-abuses—death by one thousand cuts—and see a hidden agenda. The four tools health officials peddle, in the name of containing the epidemic, run the gamut of control and manipulation.

Four Tools

Contact Tracing, with its three-year development plan, stealthily installed “health” apps on mobile devices to map and link people. It empowered State Masters to force compliance once a contact within a person’s network tests positive. The $100 Billion Trace Act, HR6666—nice number—was designed with the help of the Gates Foundations in an off-offshore meeting in Rwanda last summer. Its aim is for total control using an all-seeing eye to pry into the lives of everyone. The Trojan horse of the CDC’s Swab Tests moves past capturing the spread of the virus. Despite 50% false positive test rates, contaminated testing kits, and corrupt labs that juice the numbers to continue the lock downs, Swab Tests allow health officials to collect people’s DNA en masse, so they can be analyzed and mined for a dark purpose in the future. Subtler tools include Social Distancing, used to better aid face-recognition software, while the ubiquitous Masks are the most deceptive, controlling, invasive tool of them all. Ignoring medical science, corporate leaders and sold out politicians demand a national Mask Mandate six months into the outbreak, when many areas are below the CDC epidemic threshold. This raises a red flag.

Science Behind Masks

What is the science behind wearing Masks? Let’s start with breathing. People breathe in 21% oxygen, 0.04% carbon dioxide, the rest the neutral gas nitrogen. But we breathe out a quarter less oxygen at 16% and hundredfold more CO2 at 4.00%. Re-breathing less oxygen—below OSHA’s safety levels—and a lot more lung waste in carbon dioxide is the next red flag. Then there are the types of masks. N95 Respirators, designed for mining and construction, filter out airborne particles one can see with the naked eye. Side vents let Mask wearers to breathe out. So they are not sealed. Surgical masks, dust masks, and scarves draped over the face offer less protection. None of the masks worn in public are designed to keep nano-sized viruses out. The third red flag.

Size matters. A nano-meter is one billionth of a meter. A piece of paper is 100,000 viruses thick. Human DNA, which wasn’t discovered until the 1950s, is 2.5 nano-viruses thick. They are invisible, super tiny microbes. Leaky masks offer no practical protection against them. It’s why, Before Covid, nurses rarely wore masks and patients in hospitals never did due to a lack of protection. The illusion of mask wearing for safety is the fourth red flag.

Unmasking the Masks Agenda

Covid 19

The corona virus has been around for 60 years. It comes and goes. Even with lab-enhanced features, including the spike proteins, COVID-19 suffers from the same issues as other viruses. Summer sunlight kills the virus in less than a minute. Humidity weakens the virus. Outdoors in the shade the virus has a half-life of 1 hour. On the surface, the virus cannot replicate without a host. If its outer shell is torn or breached, the virus will have difficulty latching onto anything.

Then there is the viral load. When people become infected, did they inhale a few viruses or an army of them? In concert with health officials and mainstream media not telling the truth about masks is the biggest red flag of them all. Beside inhibiting breathing, long mask use impairs a person’s immune system. This is rarely discussed. Never by the CDC or NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci. The number one defense of an individual is their immune system. Why has this been left out of the COVID conversation? It must be a pharma-driven decision. The benefits of vitamins C or D are not talked about. No exercise or sunlight. Shelter-in-place took care of that. Oxygen restriction, too. We are told that a vaccine will be only the solution to return to normal.


John D. Rockefeller, one of the original Architects, said it best: “Competition is a sin.” We are seeing more of that oligarch cartel mentality being played out in real-time. 50 million unemployed. Millions more underemployed. The stock market goes up, while small businesses and their owners are decimated. So why are masks being sold now as the solution until a vaccine arrives? If it’s not for people’s health, if it doesn’t protect them, if it weakens their health, then what purpose do Masks sever the master planners? Masks are the Swiss Army Knife of the Architect’s tool set. First, it controls and make people subservient. Second, it allows AI face-recognition to fine-tune software to identify people with masks on and off. Third, Masks help break the social animal spirit in people, muzzling a smile and preventing facial expressions from being shared between people. It’s a tool of control. A tool of bondage.

The long-term goal of Mask wearing, however, is to allow the elites to shame people in public for not wearing them. Call them out as selfish. Snitch and spy on them. Sow division. All of these goals to shame and label people as selfish, not community-oriented, is the first phase to seeking full obedience before forced vaccinations come next year. Mask wearing ultimate goal plan is to increase COVID0-19 vaccine mandates. Remember: When you pull on the mask to go outside, the agenda is not to help you or improve your health. No. The end goal is to control you, make you fall in line, and roll up your sleeve in the biggest biological experiment in human history. Don’t fall prey to the false intentions about wearing masks.


This is John Michael Chambers. Covd-19 or the “China Plague” as President Trump has labeled it, could this be the conspiracy crimes of the CDC, WHO and Gates Foundation? Will this planned tyrannical event begin to vanish after November 4, 2020? Time will tell. This story, this nightmare and global clandestine disruption, may very well lead to many being charged with crimes against humanity. This story is not yet over. We have an awesome responsibility to expose the lies and crimes and to reveal the truth. Freedom? It’s up to us. This is John Michael Chambers. Thank you for reading and viewing this special report be sure to share it far and wide. And remember, WWG1WGA. May God bless us all.

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