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Was This A False Flag Op?

Was this a False Flag Op?

False flag operations have been employed by governments all over the world and this has been going on for decades. Important questions to ask are A) Who had the most to gain? B) Who had the motive? C) Who had the most to lose? Was San Bernardino another false flag? You decide.

What are false flag ops? False flag operations are clandestinely launched to stir the emotions of the people to the point of either fear or anger so much so that they will accept some government solution that otherwise would not have been accepted by the masses.

For example there is of course the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, the attacks of September 11, 2001. This brought us the NSA phone taps, the Patriot Act, NDAA etc. and much more. Then there was the Boston Marathon Bomber, where armed police shut down the city of Boston, enacted essentially martial law with unannounced private home invasions with military gear and without warrants. And of course there are scores of senseless killings in the American schools since Columbine in Colorado as an attempt to control firearms with the ultimate goal of eliminating the second amendment rights of American citizens.

These are but a very few examples of false flag operations very much in line with the Hegelian Dialectic, problem-reaction-solution with the solution often being a loss of liberty in some fashion or another and mass public support of some government action.

Surveys show that most people no longer trust the mainstream media and not without reason. Therefore it is wise to study false flag ops. and the Hegelian Dialectic and become skillful at identifying when these FF’s do indeed occur. This is not a time for ignorance.

Governments around the world admit to the implementation of false flags ops. I will cover this in another blog post dedicated to this subject alone.

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