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What is Q?

I was at a a Trump rally last year in Tampa, Florida when all of a sudden a handful of people mid level half way through the arena stood up and got the President’s attention. Why and how? They were all wearing t-shirts with the letter Q. Of course the next day CNN and the fake news apparatus unleashed a fury against Q calling Q a conspiracy theory. Excuse me, the fact that CNN and the fake news calls this conspiracy gives you a valid reason to look into Q. I know one thing, many of the conspiracy theories of yesterday have become the conspiracy facts and realities of today. Such will be the same with Q. Get on board now.

I do a lot of public speaking before political groups and my surveys indicate that less than 10% of the politically active patriots I meet have even heard of Q. The numbers I would imagine are far lower for those not politically active. This is very telling and this is changing. This article will be one in a series of articles I will write surrounding Q.

Q, or QANON is something any concerned American or person anywhere in the world should become familiar with. I have a friend who produces a TV show who just came back from Uganda along with Alan Keyes and he told me he has footage of the people of Uganda wearing Q shirts! I will get that posted next week. Yes, Q is global.


Watch the video links below for starters. Click on this link Q-Proofs and this link. Then order your copy of the just released book titled “QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening” which can be purchased on Amazon. Get on board. WWG1WGA. There is a plan. Trust the plan and remember, freedom is up to us.

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