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Where Was The Media In 2008

Where Was The Media In 2008

I can tell you this, if President Obama would have been put under the same scrutiny that is now being cast upon Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and now (finally and thank goodness) even Hillary Clinton back in 2008, the election outcome may have been entirely different and thus America and the rest of the world. Now before you go off and jump like a robot to the race card issue let me deflect for one moment then get back on point.

Believe me I would be most proud like so many Americans to have a black President. A true 100% born and raised in the U.S. Black President. One having lived the “black experience”, (providing his or her policies were good for America). A Ben Carson or an Allen West could certainly serve well. But instead what we got was a bi-racial President. People seem to forget that BHO may not really represent the first “black” President, after all he never really lived so much of the “Black” experience in America as mentioned in his own books. Many black people across America have come to learn this now after nearly 8 years, some of which I know personally. To begin with he is also white which people seem to forget, 50% black, 50% white. Not a baptist or devote practicing Christian by any means. And his birthplace and historical origins and paths are limited and are mostly unknown and are questionable. I’m not going get into his background here. To learn more about my non-racist views you can start here and then look around for other posts and new posts over time on that subject.

Now back on point. So why is it that President Obama (a virtual complete unknown with almost no voting record in his short time in the Senate) or even John McCain did not get vetted to the extent these candidates (particularly Donald Trump) are being “vetted” today? We know the answer as covered in previous posts. Presidents are selected, funded and public opinion controlled by the bought and paid for media.

Why is it that the media and other leaders and figures from around the world are so viciously attacking the candidates and again namely Donald Trump? Because it is widely known, Presidents are funded and selected and endorsed by the controlled media then ushered into office. It’s a charade. Been going on for years. Like George Carlin said-voting gives us the illusion that we have a say in things, we don’t. The way the system is rigged (never mind voter fraud), they had us all duped at “hello”.

There is a difference between honest thorough vetting and viscous, malicious, deceptive and often times falsely slandering candidates. My friends we are in trouble and the biggest threat we face today can be read about here in this blog post. And if you would like to begin to learn how to identify truth from lies in daily, local, regional and global events then please visit this blog post along with the  links within.

Hang onto your seats as 2016 will be a tumultuous year on many fronts. Boy how I wish we could unite in love and power against the true forces that have divided us which has brought America nearly to its knees and a world in crisis. The realist in me says long, hard and dark days will continue and remain immediately ahead and for some time. I know that I am right and I will be proven right. I wish I were wrong. The long-term optimist in me says we will unite and we as the human race will prevail.

America now has its heaviest load to bear for itself and as a leader for rest of the world. Let’s live up to the task. An honest and free independent media is there to keep the government in check and to serve the people. Listen to this short message from JFK and see how far we have fallen. And shame on the mainstream media and shame on those of you for taking the bait as regurgitating robots in social media and in life – WTF up!

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