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Within Without

Within Without

Do wish you were happier? Do you feel you should have a better job or a better opportunity? Do you long for your soul mate? Are you always broke and wish you had more money or were very wealthy? Is traveling to new places, new cities, or new countries something on your “bucket list” in life but it seems you never get to travel? Do you want to have a fulfilled, balanced, and happy life?

Well, whatever it is that your heart desires can be yours. Really, it can be, but this will not happen by accident. It’s actually up to you, but the good news is you have a tremendous support system just waiting for you to tap into. That’s right, a tremendous support system to supercharge your dreams. We are talking about the “Law of Attraction.” I am sure you have read about the law of attraction or perhaps you have seen the video “The Secret“. I had the opportunity to work with Lee Brower one of the individuals featured in this film.

You may have heard the expression “you are what you eat”? Well one could also say, “You have the life you have because of what you think.” Or, more precisely, energy goes where attention flows so be mindful of your thoughts. Setting goals, having dreams, vision, and passion are also important, but understanding how the universe works and how to apply oneself can set you on a course correction that releases the power within, thus propelling you to all you desire. It’s all about the within, not the without. The chapter “Creating the Life You Desire” is but one of many inspiring chapters in my book. We can ease the friction and stress in our own lives in the ongoing effort to attain contentment and happiness.

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